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The Art Festival Life continues.  So far I’ve not done any back to back weekend festivals.  These next two weekends are my initiation into that experience.  Please be gentle.

This weekend is Artisphere in Greenville, South Carolina and next weekend is the Northern Virginia Art Festival in Reston, Virginia.

Artisphere is in downtown Greenville.  It has  a great reputation.   Every artist I’ve told about getting into this show has been jealous, so I feel really lucky.  It’s a Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday show.   I’m in Booth 65. The next weekend is Reston, Virginia.  Yes, that’s a long haul.   But remember I live a charmed life.   Just so happens I was talking to a neighborhood friend who asked how the art business was going.  I told him about getting accepted into both of these shows and trying to decide about the turn-and-burn driving I’d have to be doing when he suggests:  “Oh, you should spend that in-between week at our place in Maggie Valley”.

Well I’m not a smart man, . . . but I know a good thing when I hear it.   So I will be waking on a mountain top in North Carolina (and calling back to the office to keep other things running) and enjoying a semi vacation while I’m also “kind of” experiencing the vagabond, gypsy life of an artist.  [In real art-festival life the artists come from far away places.  They apply to a number of different festivals, then they pick their schedule and plan a number of weeks of them so that they avoid multiple transportation expenses.  A lot of artists I have met camp at state parks during the week between shows.  They have small sleeping areas in the back of their un air conditioned  cargo vans.  They stay with other art festival friends.]

Reston is just outside of Washington D.C..  The show is one of the highest rated shows on the east coast.  Again, I feel lucky to get in.  I’m in Booth 907.

Above is a marsh scene from North Florida, . . . or is the Low Country of South Carolina?  I can’t seem to remember.  Feels like it should be South Carolina.

Thanks for looking.



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