Vagabond Artist Life? (You’re not feeling sorry for me)




aa reston photo

This is my set up in Reston, Virginia at the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival.  I’m in booth 907 on Library Street.  Reston is east of Washington D.C.   It is an affluent area.  [Spell check just gave my first attempt at that big word “flatulent”.  I wonder if that is a commentary on affluence?]  Anyway, lots of cars, lots of commuters, lots of big buildings with names of big up and coming companies, lots of fancy dogs with fancy dog sweaters, lots of nice shoes, and so far lots of really nice people.  Yesterday was the first day of the show, but we were only open from 5 to 8.  Have a couple of couples looking at the big cow painting, so its a good start.

And below is the view from my vagabond-artist’s-life-in-between-shows stopover.  Really beautiful place and I am so grateful to get the chance to chill there.  I will say that contrary to my usual manner I was able to chill.  At least compared to my normal vacation agenda.  Bottom line –  the artist vagabond life ain’t bad.  Let’s just hope I can sell some artwork today so that I can continue the adventure.


aa charlie photo


Thanks for looking.

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