Life is full of magic . . . find some.

Okay, I don’t know about “motto”.  I like the idea that there are great things in life — magic things — but they don’t just fall in your lap.  You have to take the initiative.  You have to be proactive.  A lot people tell me that they always wanted to be a painter.  Well my experience is that you can’t just “be a painter”.  It takes work.  It takes brush mileage.  It takes a lot of crappie paintings.  And then when you think you may have gotten even close to getting there you realize that you are still learning.  But you don’t get there just by saying “I want to be a painter” or a singer, or a tennis player, or just about anything.  Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.   And there are millions of things worth doing.  So just remember  “Life is full of magic . . . find some”.


Inlet Fishing

Inlet Fishing 5 x 7

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