Busy, busy



Here’s a simple painting to help calm a busy life.    I know I  did it to myself.   But, busy isn’t necessarily bad.   So here are the good points of four art festivals and one week-long paint out and one three-day paint out in two months.

  • My paintings got to see people.
  • I received significant affirmation that I’m doing something right.
  • I got to meet some really friendly people.
  • I got to encourage some creative people who were just starting on a journey to express that creativity through visual art.
  • A bunch of my paintings have found a new home.
  • I’ve met some really nice artists who are giving, independent and courageous.  Anyone who does this art fair life has to be all of those three things.
  • I feel blessed to be able to do what I do.

So, I’m off to Epcot this weekend to paint in the Artists in the Garden Weekend as part of the Flower and Garden Festival.  The weather is definitely iffy.   But, you don’t say the word “rain” if you are part of the Disney cast.  So I’m planning on chilling and painting what is right in front of me.  And letting that chilling come right out of my brain through my right hand, and into that wooden handle, past the metal ferule,  over natural bristles, and into strokes of luscious oil paint on clean linen canvas.

Busy is good.   The above painting is the beginning of another day.  It’s a simple composition, but it is  a complex mix of subtle colors of the morning and the new day.  It makes me happy to think that a young family in central Florida now has it prominently displayed in their home and gets to look at it each day.  I hope they see it as a representation of a calm new beginning.

Thanks for looking.



Wekiva Paint Out / Getting Ready






This is what happens when you drive around in your car with a camera in the seat beside you.  This bear crossing happened at about 2:00 in the afternoon about a half a mile from I-4 on State Road 46 just west of Sanford.  I put it on the blog today because this bear is heading into the Wekiva wilderness, (and maybe raiding a few trash cans on way).  After this crossing I googlemaped this location and realized that although there is massive civilization just ahead, there is also a wide area of wilderness on either side on this road at this particular spot.  AND, lucky for me, I get to paint in that wilderness next week.  I’m participating in the Wekiva Paint Out from Sunday to Saturday.  Here is the website:  http://www.wekivapaintout.com/.   Come check it out.  There are some great artists participating and it is a beautiful and fun place.   I am really looking forward to painting this wild area of Florida.

50d 462

Hope to see you there.

Thanks for looking.

Coconut Grove Recap


aucilla 2 566

This last weekend I was in Miami.  Coconut Grove is just south of downtown Miami and the Coconut Grove Art Show is BIG. Fifteen dollar entry fee and the crowds pour through the gates.  The show is rated one of the top five shows in the country, and the art work is amazing.  I had so many “I’m not worthy” moments this weekends when I walked the show.   I was lucky to have a great helpful assistant — my wife, Julee.  We stayed at a hotel that was only 100 yards from my booth and that was fantastic.   I met some super nice people and was able to do quit well for the weekend with sales.  And now my artwork has gone international.  Well I think Puerto Rico is international.

I also met some talented helpful artists.  One of them, who had a previous career in advertising,  told me to consider these shows as a concentrated focus group.  What are these people telling you about what you are doing right.  What do they like, what do they not like.  And then ultimately . . .  should it matter?  I think yes it does have place.  I mean you are putting yourself out there.  If you didn’t care you could just leave it in the closet.   One of things I did was to take some pieces that I really liked, but they hadn’t gotten the strongest reception from my usual audience.  I decided to give them a try.  And  I got very positive feedback from all of the pieces.  One of them was clearly an audience favorite.  So . . . consider your first instinct.  Take some chances.  Current watch words:  simple, evocative, different.

I also did short description of every piece with tag attached to the painting.      I think people liked it.  It kept them in my booth, if nothing else.  Here’s a sample from the above painting:


Unspoiled / Cast Over There

16 x 20

This is from one of Florida’s last unspoiled rivers.  It’s in that corner of Florida they call the “Big Bend”.  Thankfully, it is owned by you, and me, and the rest of the country.   And hopefully it will be that way forever.  Just to the right of center in the water, if you stay around until low tide, you will find a large oyster bar, and that is what has been catching all the jigs you’ve thrown in that direction.  It’s also why the redfish are thick over there.



Next event:  Wekiva Paint Out  March 3 through 8.  Here’s a link:  www.wekivapaintout.com


Thanks for looking.   

Heading for the Grove

aucilla 2 556

I’m heading to Coconut Grove Art Festival this weekend.  This is my second year and I’m looking forward to a great time.  This year I’m going with my wife and we are staying very close to the festival.  It’s a win win.  If I sell a bunch great.  If I don’t, we had a nice vaca.  Win-win.   This painting is . . . . Florida.  Florida under a big sky.  It’s 36 x 48 and I’m hoping that big blue sky will call collectors in to take a look.  I’m in booth 110 which is near the music stage.  It’s a great show.  Lots of very nice art.  Good food.  Lots a people to watch.  Come visit.

Thanks for looking.


Fort Myers Art Fest



Last weekend was the Images Show at New Smyrna Beach and I had a great weekend.  I sold six paintings and that included three big ones.  This weekend I’ll be down in Fort Myers for Art Fest.  This is my first time at this show but I have heard a lot of good things.  It is not an easy show to get into so I feel lucky.  I’m in booth 223 and it’s on Hendry Street.  They open the show on a limited basis on Friday night and I got selected to be a part of that.  That means I go from 5pm to 10 on Friday and then do Saturday and Sunday.  Call me crazy.

This painting is Cow Time.    I got some really great comments on it at New Smyrna.

Thanks for looking.