You don’t imagine that you could play a great piece of music by lucky accident, or build a piece of fine furniture or replace a mitral valve in a patient’s heart using happy accidents. I think that people who wait for happy accidents hope they will be able to do things that are very hard without learning how. That attempts to shrink art to fit your abilities, rather than grow your abilities to meet the requirements of art. I wouldn’t look for success in luck, instead better to put your faith in knowledge and skill, practice, experience and persistence.

Stapleton Kreans (2/16/2010)


Here I am writing like “dear teacher” and probably boring you stiff, but even at the risk of that I’ll ask you to examine the way in which every picture which interests you is made. The beauty, greatness, style, or whatever the salient quality of a picture is, you’ll get anyway, but, if you don’t look sharp, the way it’s done will escape you.  It’s fine to sit open mouthed while the conjurer takes the rabbit from the hat, but if you want to be a conjurer it’s up to you to find out how he does it.  That fact is a rather grubby comparison but I want to make it clear that the artist’s task is to create the emotion rather than to be moved.

Letter from William Paxon


I feel like my job as an artist is to craft the very finest work that I can possibly do. . . . To craft it lovingly and carefully like this is my one and only opportunity in life to get it right.

Daniel Sprick


“If you don’t make good memories, no one will do it for you.”

Terry Clark

from the “Wreaking Ball Blog”


“When I go to work every day I’m really just trying to create a painting that was better than my last one.”

Jeremy Lipking

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”
Haruki Marakami
from “What I Talk About, When I Talk About Running”
“Make it work.”
Tim Gunn

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